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29 Sep 09

Attempting to watch Jesus Camp again… :/

29 Sep 09

On my way to the Toledo bmv with two hours of sleep. :/ fml

29 Sep 09

Lmao. This is VERY awkward. And, for your information, mountain dew right after coffee is muy disgusto

28 Sep 09

Dammmmmmmmn! There’s a new HAM! :) since the Original HAM no longer works at McDonalds, there must be a new one. And dammmmmn there sure is!

27 Sep 09

Fucking train! I better not be late coming back from break!

25 Sep 09

Got my new phone!!! =D. Same number, though, so text me! :D

24 Sep 09

It’s a good thing I had insurance on my phone, so I get a new one tomorrow. However, I’m finacially scared now :P

24 Sep 09

The black haired, sweater wearing slice of heaven with glasses is mine…anyone wanna talk to him for me? :)

24 Sep 09

Omg! =(. My cell phone is completely destroyed. I left it on top of my car and when I pulled out of the gas station it flew off. =(

23 Sep 09

Woot! Finally eating at Texas Roadhouse! :D